Training Options

Training Options

Training applications that grow your business.

We offer a suite of high quality and high credibility international, strength based questionnaires that help people to discover more about themselves or the wider organization of which they are a part for improved results.

The ease of use, speed, convenience, efficiency and sheer processing power of the World Wide Web is utilized to the full to give people immediate results on-line (which can be easily saved, aggregated and printed). For multiple feedback (360 degree feedback or team/organization wide surveys) the use of the Internet not only speeds up the data collection and manipulation process considerably, but the overall cost is a fraction of doing the same thing in paper and pencil based form.

Training options to fit your needs

  • We conduct in-house training programs for your employees.
  • We facilitate your business meetings to solve real-world issues.
  • As a DiSC Distributor, we offer classroom programs and online learning programs on DiSC Classic® (formerly called The Personal Profile System®).
  • We offer online learning programs on the DiSC Personal Profile section
  • We provide performance improvement materials and learning materials
  • We provide strength based assessment materials, software packages, and online learning programs.
  • We conduct keynote speeches at your conferences.
  • We train and certify your trainers to conduct our courses.
  • We tailor training programs to fit your business needs.
  • We help you checking your performance management.
  • We offer our consulting services.
  • We provide specialized trainers
  • Our licensing and pricing are unique in this business allowing us to sell our products for an excellent price giving our customers complete flexibility in how they use them.