Training Services


We have a bias toward being participant centered in our delivery of seminars. We take great effort to assess the context of the learning engagement because we believe any training that is worth your investment, needs to be a part of a process not a one time event.

The target audience for seminars range from 6-50 depending on the type of seminar. The areas we include are:

  • Change
  • Leadership
  • Communications

We have multiple speakers that have solid experience and practical information that can excite the audience and make them more open to opportunities. Typical seminars range from two hours to two days.

Seminars are customized. Examples of seminar offerings are:

  • Manager as Coach
  • Seeing Yourself As Others Do
  • Relationship negotiations
  • Managing Workplace Expectations
  • Building Teams through Trust
  • Thriving Though Change
  • Adventures in Attitudes


Our backgrounds in adult learning theory and systems, are key to offering our clients a lasting desired result. We partner with you to insure that any investment in outside resources will result in the desired outcome for your organization. All consultants have advanced degrees as well as the real world experience in working and managing in large corporations.

Trainer Certification

We offer Train the Trainer sessions to groups of 5 or more who wish to both experience a seminar and then deliver it to their own groups. This is offered on an as needed basis. We can come to your site or it may be delivered in a coaching/mentoring approach remotely.


We believe that coaching is an integral part of any serious change effort. We offer a variety of coaching approaches which you can see in more depth by going to: .

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the best person for our needs?

I may not be the best person for your needs . Every company or organization has a unique culture. Some consultant/trainers will fit better than others. If I do not feel I fit your unique needs, I will assist you through my contacts with top trainers and consultants to find the best for you.

Why should I hire you ?

All my seminars, speeches and facilitations are interactive, inspiring, content driven and fun. Here are some reasons you will want to consider me and make your next meeting a memorable one.

  • You will get worksheets and handout materials
  • Articles will be available for your newsletter or magazine
  • I am easy to work with
  • I am a certified trainer in many different programs and have led over 2000 instructors in Train the Trainer events.
  • I will come early and stay late and participate in other activities with the participants or be available for coaching.
  • Finally, My biggest goal is to make you look good.

How can I attend a seminar when I am not sure where they are being scheduled?

Two Options:

  1. Let us know of your interest. We would consider scheduling a seminar in your area.
  2. If you have five or more people who want to enroll, we will hold an onsite seminar at the location of your choice. This onsite program would be tailored to your specific needs and would save you travel and lodging expenses.

Must I be certified to use the materials that are featured on your website?

While there is no official certification requirement for the products listed on this website, we highly recommended that each trainer own the appropriate self-paced facilitator kit.