Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching is one of the principal tools that businesses have for developing their key people and also for sure one of the best way of taking your business global. It is effective especially at the executive level because their hectic schedules rarely allow time for development of any kind other than on the job.

The reasons for engaging in Executive Coaching are directly linked to three levels:

  • The individual executive level (interpersonal)
  • The interpersonal level
  • The strategic or organizational level.

It is assumed that by investing in an executive coaching engagement that the changes in the individual will impact the business results of the organization. Click here for an article named Case for Executive Coaching.

The four most requested reasons for engaging an executive coach are:

  • Support for new top managers who have just joined your organization and must hit the ground running in a new culture in a possible new role.
  • Enable executives to achieve new levels of performance and lead change initiatives
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  • ¬†Prepare a key employee for major role in tomorrow’s leadership challenges.